Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello, stranger

I thought I owed a low-word count post after the previous Great Walls of Text and as I recently got a new camera, I thought I'd introduce some of the strangers I inherited when we moved into our little piece of paradise.  Of course I do hope I might get a few clues as to what they actually are, but even if I don't it'll be nice to look back on the flowers in the depths of winter.

I believe these three are hibiscus of some sort (I'd never been big on flowers, but I do like these)

I'm not sure what these two below might be and while I took a number of photos, they only demonstrated that I should go back and read the manual, particularly the bit about getting the autofocus to focus on the bit I'm focussing on rather than whatever it happens to have taken a liking to in the background.

I'll leave them up as some miracle worker might be able to give me a clue as to what they might be - or at least point me in the general direction.

  Updated - the one on the right is most probably a gardenia (thanks to gippslandgardener for the pointer).

Now where did I put that camera manual.


  1. Hello Flo, I'm afraid I'm going to be no help at all! 'Hibiscus' is the extent of my knowledge of the first one too :)
    At first glance I thought the third looked like a gardenia, but is it a rose bloom? If you can get a shot of it in bud I might hazard a guess at that one. No idea at all on the second plant!

  2. Suddenly, everyone has a new camera, and plants to take pictures of! I'm putting off replacing my 'point and shoot' job until my garden is more than a sea of mud!

  3. You definitely have three hibiscus (no idea what kind - except the beautiful kind!). The others, not sure. I thought the last might be gardenia.