Thursday, September 23, 2010

Before and After - magic of organic material

Well, winter is finally over and spring has brought me out of hibernation.  What better way to open up a new posting season with a little piece on the joy of Bokashi :)  Well, it's really just a demonstration of what organic matter can do for your soil so you can stop rolling your eyes and muttering "Not again!".

Back in April I posted a rather dull documentary post on the first stage of improving a few of my garden beds with a combination of green manures and organic material (click link here if you want to refresh your memory).

Well, it's now six months later and time for an update.  Rather than post yet another long and rambling wall of text I've decided to say it with before and after pictures (well, pictures and mime - you'll not be able to see the mime of course, but trust me, I'm doing it :)

Soil before: April 2010
Soil after: September 2010
You can see why I am so looking forward to this growing season.

For those interested, my original post on bokashi composting is here.


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  1. That is an impressive improvement in the quality and health of that soil ... just fabulous!